Our History

Richmeal started as a sole Nigerian indigenous company with a clear notion to champion Africa’s Global Excellence. Our company was formed with the vision to become Global Iconic Brand Leader within the food and beverage sector Inspired “Out of Africa” by 2020. Our company are the owners of the well national and international well protected intellectual properties “Richmeal & brand attributes registered trademarks” © copyrights 2015.
Richmeal Foods & Beverages Company Limited was incorporated under the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a limited liability company on 26TH September 2014. Richmeal has grown from startups into a blue chip company .Richmeal brand equity has grown steadily from indigenous brand into a multinational brand given our company’s yardstick to checkmate our entire operation to stringent management and leadership standards just as our company’s entire product range are benchmarked against international standards that brings the Richmeal & brand close with top competition from most established international and national brand.

Our company uses a franchise model almost a replica or identical to the world famous coca-cola brands’  model were manufacturing rights are given to selected companies that have proven core technical competencies and trustworthy goodwill to sustain the superior quality of our Richmeal brand attribute standards. The franchise model allows us to leverage from strategic partnership enjoining both full manufacturing capacity with cost effectiveness while our company amplifies focus and relevancy with exponential marketing appeal to inspire brand love and continuously grow our brand equity. Richmeal has emerged and will remain a game changer unbeatably withstanding the test of time within Nigerian and across African food and beverage sector, leading with core exclusive rights in distribution and marketing of FMCG brand.